Informatica Powercenter 10.4.1 Basics – First Steps

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Before starting creating workflows and integrations let’s create our repository, here’s how.

Open PowerCenter Repository Manager.

Click to add new repository.

Right click your Repository and add domain.

Connect to your repository, Administrator / Administrator should do it.

Select your REP and then go Folder > Create.

After that, open your designer tool.

This is your Designer tool.


Then create a new source. Go Source > import from database.

The following screen will appear, now click on the 3 dots …

Then you are going to add a new USER DSN source:

Now that you created your source, you can then use it to add a table to your “Source Analyzer”.

“Nome do proprietário”, in english “owner name”, which is the schema name, therefore, in our example, it’s dbo. Select the table you want and click OK.

Now your source analyzer is created, will look like this:

Go to Target Designer and repeat the same process. In the end your target designer will look like this.

Note: here the table for the target is T_ORDERS, which is a truncated version of the ORDERS table, same table, same structure, same fields, same data type, but no data in it.

Now that we have source and target we can go to the Mapping Designer and map our source and target.

Now, go to the Worflow Manager. On the workflow go to the Workflow Designer.

Create your connections.

In our case it’s a relational connection using SQL Server as source and target.

Click new or add:

Here’s my source:

Here’s my target:

Now on your workflow designer, create your workflow.

Click on the SESSION icon and add to your workflow.

Then click on the link task and link it.

Double click your mapping “s_m_test” and adjust your source and target information.

Another option you can have for this test is to enable truncate and load option.

Now, right click you mapping somewhere blank and select start workflow.

The Workflow Monitor will be shown, and you can see we had success. Noticed the task view tab. Now t_orders is populated.


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