Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification – My resume

I am studying for this Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification, as I understand, this is like AZ 900 but from Google. Here is the exam breakdown, every topic they say they can charge on the exam: In this post I will explain all topics with my own words, try to provide links and etc,Continuar lendo “Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification – My resume”

Google Looker – the basics

First part gives a macro overview on Google Looker, so it’s time to start digging deeper. Is Looker free? No, Looker is not free. Looker Studio is free, but that is a different product. I really wish they could change names, remove one of those products or I don’t know…. so much confusion, even harderContinuar lendo “Google Looker – the basics”

Google Looker – First steps

So, I am trying to learn Looker for a new project, and, as usual, I will share here all materials I am using to better understand this new tool. Let me first start saying that, start to learn a new tool from scratch, with no help from anyone, is really hard, you will usually getContinuar lendo “Google Looker – First steps”

Azure DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals | Notes and Highlights

Just passed Azure DP-900 exam! Here is what and how I did it: And here are all notes I’ve taken during my study process: Document Data Store Azure Storage Azure SQL Database Graph Database Azure HDInsight Azure Data Explorer Azure Table Storage Key / Value Data Store Spark Structured Streaming Azure Cosmos DB

Azure AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals | Notes and Highlights

Just passed AZ-900 certification!! I have written a page on all my tips and notes to help you get through as well, check it out here: Notice that not all topics are covered there. What I suggest, and the best way I see to take advantage of these notes, is: Have fun, good luck!

The Drunkard’s Walk, a book worth reading twice, or more. A Data Analyst perspective

As you know, if you follow my LinkedIn profile (which, if you doesn’t, you should) I was reading Leonard Mlodinow’s “The Drunkard’s Walk”, a really great book if you want to get a grasp on how chance, or how randomness, affects our lives, and, what is better, how we fail to perceive what is chance,Continuar lendo “The Drunkard’s Walk, a book worth reading twice, or more. A Data Analyst perspective”

4 Insights you can gather from Michael Lewis’ Moneyball as a Data Analyst

If you follow me on LinkedIn you already know that I’m, or actually was, reading Moneyball. Just finished the book today, and so I thought it would be fun to share what I got from this book using my perspective, in other words, a data analyst’s perspective. It’s no surprise that this book is, orContinuar lendo “4 Insights you can gather from Michael Lewis’ Moneyball as a Data Analyst”

SQL Soccer Questions

Recently I came across a SQL interview question, the “SQL Soccer Matches” question, have you seen this already? This is the kind of question you can find in an interview exam. Anyway, in order to answer that I developed many approaches to solve it: using union, using many ctes and union, using case sum, andContinuar lendo SQL Soccer Questions

SQL Interview Questions

I’m going big on SQL these days. I always loved SQL, but this couple last days I’m going hard on learning and mastering it. There’s still lot to do, many courses to take, many books to read, and many exercises to do. Talking about exercises, this guys Nick Singh just lunched a site with questions,Continuar lendo “SQL Interview Questions”

[Solved, Spoilers] SQL Murder Mystery – Can you find out whodunnit?

Here: So, couple of friends of mine send me this challenge, and it’s really fun. Go there and try it! The plot is: someone killed someone else, and you, as the detective, need to find out who did it. Your weapons are SQL, table and relationships. Off you go! My solution to this OnContinuar lendo “[Solved, Spoilers] SQL Murder Mystery – Can you find out whodunnit?”

Informatica Powercenter – XML Transformation (XML Source Qualifier, XML Parser, XML Generator)

I highly recommend reading the first three links on References, at the end of this post. About XML What says the official documentation: “Each group in an XML source definition is analogous to a relational table, and the Designer treats each group within the XML Source Qualifier transformation as a separate source of data.” TheContinuar lendo “Informatica Powercenter – XML Transformation (XML Source Qualifier, XML Parser, XML Generator)”

Informatica Powercenter – Stored Procedure Transformation

Let’s start checking out what the official documentation has to say: “A Stored Procedure transformation is an important tool for populating and maintaining databases. Database administrators create stored procedures to automate tasks that are too complicated for standard SQL statements. The Stored Procedure transformation is a passive transformation. You can configure a connected or unconnectedContinuar lendo “Informatica Powercenter – Stored Procedure Transformation”