Informatica Powercenter – XML Transformation (XML Source Qualifier, XML Parser, XML Generator)

I highly recommend reading the first three links on References, at the end of this post. About XML What says the official documentation: “Each group in an XML source definition is analogous to a relational table, and the Designer treats each group within the XML Source Qualifier transformation as a separate source of data.” TheContinue reading “Informatica Powercenter – XML Transformation (XML Source Qualifier, XML Parser, XML Generator)”

Informatica Powercenter – Stored Procedure Transformation

Let’s start checking out what the official documentation has to say: “A Stored Procedure transformation is an important tool for populating and maintaining databases. Database administrators create stored procedures to automate tasks that are too complicated for standard SQL statements. The Stored Procedure transformation is a passive transformation. You can configure a connected or unconnectedContinue reading “Informatica Powercenter – Stored Procedure Transformation”

Informatica Powercenter – SQL Overrides

I did not really find any super good resource on this topic, but the overall idea of SQL override is to override a transformation default behavior by writing a SQL query instead. Of course, SQL overrides works only on relational data. There is no SQL Overrides for flat file. For instance, take a source qualifierContinue reading “Informatica Powercenter – SQL Overrides”

Informatica Powercenter – User Defined Functions

User Defined Function (UDF’s) is a way Powercenter gives us to create our own personal, reusable, functions. We can use our UDF’s in Expression Transformations in order to reuse expression logic. For instance, if you want to RTRIM() LTRIM() and UPPER() several ports, so, instead of writing all these 3 functions all the time youContinue reading “Informatica Powercenter – User Defined Functions”

Informatica Powercenter – Mapplets

Here what official documentation says about Mapplets: A mapplet is a reusable object that you create in the Mapplet Designer. It contains a set of transformations and lets you reuse the transformation logic in multiple mappings. When you use a mapplet in a mapping, you use an instance of the mapplet. Any change made toContinue reading “Informatica Powercenter – Mapplets”

Informatica Powercenter – Update Strategy Transformation SCD1 SCD2

Something worth keeping in mind: in order to Update Strategy to work properly you need to make sure that your target table has a primary key. Here’s what the official documentation says about Update Strategy Information: “The Update Strategy transformation is an active transformation. When you design a data warehouse, you need to decide whatContinue reading “Informatica Powercenter – Update Strategy Transformation SCD1 SCD2”

Informatica Powercenter – Union Transformation

If you are familiar to SQL you already know what UNION does. In fact, you might be wondering, is Powercenter Union the same as SQL union or SQL union all? It is UNION ALL. Here’s the official documentation on Powercenter Union transformation: The Union transformation is a multiple input group transformation that you use toContinue reading “Informatica Powercenter – Union Transformation”

Informatica Powercenter – Joiner Transformation

Here’s what the official documentation says about the Joiner Transformation: Use the Joiner transformation to join source data from two related heterogeneous sources residing in different locations or file systems. You can also join data from the same source. The Joiner transformation joins sources with at least one matching column. The Joiner transformation uses aContinue reading “Informatica Powercenter – Joiner Transformation”

Informatica Powercenter – Transformation Overview

I’m getting used to search and find relevant information within Informatica Powercenter official documentation website, and one of the good resources I like to use it, go to a transformation page and download the PDF guide. The downloaded file will contain all about transformation you need to know. For instance, if you go to JoinerContinue reading “Informatica Powercenter – Transformation Overview”

Informatica Powercenter – Filter Transformation

Let see what the official documentation says about Filter Transformation: “Use the Filter transformation to filter out rows in a mapping. As an active transformation, the Filter transformation may change the number of rows passed through it. The Filter transformation allows rows that meet the specified filter condition to pass through. It drops rows thatContinue reading “Informatica Powercenter – Filter Transformation”

Informatica Powercenter – Lookup Transformation

What is lookup? Whoever is familiar with Excel’s VLOOKUP might understand what this is about, but, anyway, let’s check what the official documentation says about it:“ “Use a Lookup transformation in a mapping to look up data in a flat file, relational table, view, or synonym. You can import a lookup definition from anyContinue reading “Informatica Powercenter – Lookup Transformation”

Informatica Powercenter – Aggregator Transformation

In the image above we can see inside of a aggregation transformation in Informatica Powercenter. So Aggr transformation can be any of those, Avg, Count, First, last, SUM, etc. For our example I will use this as baseline: We have the SQ_EMP_FILE table and here’s how I want this table to look like after myContinue reading “Informatica Powercenter – Aggregator Transformation”