Data Vault Hands On – First approach

Well, so after much reading, it is time to get my hands on the job and start actually modeling some data vault models. Be aware that this is my very first attempt of turning a 3NF model in DV model. For this I’m using SQL Server Northwind database, you can get it here: TheContinue reading “Data Vault Hands On – First approach”

Data Vault Summary of Official Standards Document Version 1.0

This text is just a summary of all information that I found relevant while reading Data Vault official documentation. The documentation is a 41 page book, and you can find it over here: Introduction This text focus on the standards for Loading and Modeling the Data Vault. However, Data Vault is now in itsContinue reading “Data Vault Summary of Official Standards Document Version 1.0”

Database Concepts, Third Normal Form (3NF)

As I was studying Data Vault concepts I found myself in a dire desire of understanding more of the third normal form, 3NF. Here in this article I will present you everything I’ve gathered so far about the 3NF. Why is the 3NF important to Data Vault? Well, you certainly don’t need to be aContinue reading “Database Concepts, Third Normal Form (3NF)”

Data Vault Basics from Dan Linstedt

Data Vault Basics, by Dan Linstedt. The writing on this article reflects Data Valt’s creator, Dan Linstedt, view over its own creation. Data Vault Basics In order to properly create and apply data vault modeling one must know and understand your business well. It is very easy to convert from 3rd normal form and fromContinue reading “Data Vault Basics from Dan Linstedt”

Power BI Períodos Irregulares no mesmo Gráfico de Linha

Como já disse em outros posts, nosso trabalho como analista é gerar insights e resolver problemas da vida real que gerem valor para nossos clientes. Esse foi um pedido de um cliente de algo que eu ainda não tinha feito e nunca tinha visto ser resolvido, mas dei meu jeito, rs. O Problema Olhe primeiroContinue reading “Power BI Períodos Irregulares no mesmo Gráfico de Linha”