SQL Soccer Questions

Recently I came across a SQL interview question, the “SQL Soccer Matches” question, have you seen this already? This is the kind of question you can find in an interview exam. Anyway, in order to answer that I developed many approaches to solve it: using union, using many ctes and union, using case sum, andContinuar lendo SQL Soccer Questions

SQL Interview Questions

I’m going big on SQL these days. I always loved SQL, but this couple last days I’m going hard on learning and mastering it. There’s still lot to do, many courses to take, many books to read, and many exercises to do. Talking about exercises, this guys Nick Singh just lunched a site with questions,Continuar lendo “SQL Interview Questions”

[Solved, Spoilers] SQL Murder Mystery – Can you find out whodunnit?

Here: https://mystery.knightlab.com/ So, couple of friends of mine send me this challenge, and it’s really fun. Go there and try it! The plot is: someone killed someone else, and you, as the detective, need to find out who did it. Your weapons are SQL, table and relationships. Off you go! My solution to this OnContinuar lendo “[Solved, Spoilers] SQL Murder Mystery – Can you find out whodunnit?”

Somando Tipos Diferentes no SQL

Precisei fazer um relatóriozinho aqui no trabalho e confesso que bati a cabeça com esse problema que é bem simples de resolver, mas que só consegui com ajuda do meu grande amigo Nelsinho! Valeu irmão!!! Eu tinha uma tabela com uma lista de IDs e cada ID tinha um status, então eu precisava mostrar emContinuar lendo “Somando Tipos Diferentes no SQL”